Prague is a great place for adventure and leisure, where Prague accommodation ranges from budget-friendly to luxurious options. If you opt for the former and you want to discover this lovely place on a backpack, then this entry will give you tip-top-tips in choosing the best hotels in Prague that fit your budget and accommodation Prague that will not rip off your pockets.
It’s no secret that Prague hotels are expensive, but they are not all expensive, especially if you know what to look for and what you want to do in your stay.
Enjoy the Sand and Ride the Waves at Surfers Paradise
If you love to party and hangout, then Surfers Paradise is a perfect destination for you. Hotels here can be expensive, but if you do your homework, you can find an affordable and nice Prague accommodation. One good example is the Coolangatta, one of the very few places in the area that offers quiet and laid back experience.
There are also lots of bars, pubs and nightclubs you can enjoy that will not blow your whole vacation’s budget in Surfers Paradise.
Holiday Apartments and Hostels 
Holiday apartments and hostels are probably the cheapest Prague accommodation you can find. Take full advantage of the wonderful kitchen to cook your own food and have your own drinks in common areas before you go out to party or adventure. If traveling in a group, then apartment rentals can be a great option, as you can enjoy all the amenities for a cheaper total price.
Explore the Beach with a Bike
Rent a bike and explore the coastline of Surfers Paradise. Prepare and pack your lunchbox, have plenty of water bottles in your bag and bring your swimming gears and camera. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the beach on a budget – you break a sweat and stay active while enjoying the magnificent view of Prague.
Nature Adventure
Want to learn more about nature diversity and meet endemic animals? Get a ticket and take an adventure in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. You can actually touch and cuddle a koala, watch the staff feed the crocodiles and even feed the kangaroos and birds yourself. It may not sound much, but bird feeding is actually one of the most exciting parts of this sanctuary, as you can get to Australian birds up close and personal. You can hold a bowl of honey nectar on your hand and watch the bird fly and sit on your hand to take a sip in the bowl. For the adventure part, climb the high ropes challenge at the afternoon. You can enjoy all these things in one ticket price.
Hike on Prague Hinterlands
Just thirty-minutes away from the busy beaches lies the Hinterlands of Prague. Quaint villages, vineyards, farmlands, rainforests reserves, sprawling National Parks, they’re all there for you to explore.
There are lots of hiking trails and tree top walks that will make your low budget adventure become memorable experience with nature’s tranquility, as you will never ran out of incredible views to see and take pictures with.
Prague accommodation doesn’t have to be expensive to be enjoyable, follow these tips and enjoy this lovely place through Best Prague Accommodation and book your next adventure!