Log Cabin Hotel in the Middle of the Woods

Timber Cove has once again emerged as a retreat – this time for San Francisco’s tech elite, who take the leisurely two and a half hour drive north of the city to unplug.

Quietness still goes through this exquisite resort, designed by the praised architect Richard Clements in the mid Sixties. It began as artists’ zone, running from the Pacific Coast into the redwood woodlands. Clements longed for a retreat in harmony with nature and tucked the lobby at the center point of the resort into the coastline, recessed into the land.

Spending the weekend in Tel Aviv

Get your bearings

On the flickering coastline of the eastern Mediterranean, Tel Aviv is situated in the focal point of Israel. Toward the south, the antiquated port of Jaffa (1) has memorable structures and an in the open air eatery bar scene. In the middle, Carmel Market (2) is the thumping heart of the city. The clamoring Allenby Street (3) and Rothschild Boulevard (4) are close to the market, while Dizengoff Street (4) cuts up the downtown area.